Adults and Adolescents Sexual Assault

Location: The course will be imparted at 750 Medical Center Ct., Suite 5, Chula Vista, CA 91911.

Date: June 21, 2019 to June 23, 2019

  • Part I June 21, 2019– Forensic Nursing and Sexual Violence Overview
    • Sexual violence: Populations involved, prevalence, incidence, special populations and the dynamics of sexual violence
  • Part II June 21, 2019- Forensic Nursing and Sexual Violence Overview
    •Background of forensic science in medicine, forensic nursing’s growth, accepted basic standards of practice; licensure codes applicable on conducts, perception of honorable practice; result and reaction to sexual violence trauma.
  • Part III-June 21, 2019Victim Reaction and Crisis treatment and come together with community agencies
    • Determine roles of Sexual Violence intervention partners; Sexual Assault Reaction and resource Teams
  • Part IV- June 22, 2019 Documenting Assessment and history
    •Taking history and objective assessment in sexual assault
  • Part V- June 22, 2019 Gathering forensic evidences based on Physical Examination – Examination of anus and genital
    • Includes sexual assault examination: anus and genital sexual assault, basic findings, discharge with follow up planning
  • Part VI- June 22, 2019 Documentation by Photography
    • Training on taking photographs and colposcopies; safe keeping and privacy issues
  • Part VII- June 22, 2019 Medical-Forensic Specimen Collection
    • Covers all aspects of evidence collection
  • Module VIII- June 23, 2019 Medical-Forensic Documentation
    • Documentation expectations in sexual assault
  • Module IX- June 23, 2019 Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Prevention & Testing for Pregnancy
    • Treatment for injury and possible Sexually transmitted disease including HIV, administer needed immunization and discharge planning
  • Part X- June 23, 2019 Issues on Program and Operations
    • Evidenced based care, practice and issues on regulation and, malpractice
  • Part XI- June 23, 2019 Legal considerations
    • Includes criminal cases’ prosecution of sexual assault, compulsory reporting requirements, objectivity and qualifications of expert testimony, synopsis of sexual assault laws and legal rules of evidence

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